Plenari is the complete software suite for market research. The Plenari Suite facilitates every stage of the market research process from questionnaire design to data collection through data transformation to analysing and presenting the findings.

The real advantage of Plenari is the integration of each of the programs within the suite. This ultimately makes the market research process seamless…saving time and money!


The Plenari Suite is designed to facilitate every stage of the market research process. From questionnaire design to data collection, through data transformation to analysis and reporting. This seamless integration is the essence of Plenari.

The Plenari Suite is made up of the following:


Imagine delivering your data to your clients live, with no data processing involved, in easy reporting tools.

Plenari's automated technology prevents errors and gives your clients confidence that their investment is working for them.


The Plenari Suite allows researchers to work more efficiently and effectively, significantly reducing costs.

As Plenari is a multi mode suite, duplication of design for different methods of survey deployment is not required, resulting in substantial time savings.


Allowing Plenari's new generation technology to become your 'back office' means researchers, consultants and research agencies can reduce the time spent duplicating work and producing lengthy reports.

Resources become more available to focus on insightful depth analysis and strategic investigation.

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