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Plenari is a dynamic, seamless, multi mode research platform.

Designed and developed in Australia, Plenari is a complete and robust end-to-end survey question and answer suite. Plenari is designed to automate most of the manual components that typically result in errors in more traditional research company data handling. It takes a new approach in anticipation of the increasing reality that many surveys are multi mode utilising a common questionnaire. Plenari works in multiple languages and can handle multi country studies from the PC of a single researcher.

For Researchers, Research Consultants and Research Agencies Plenari Suite can be your technical 'back office'.

Reporting tools include sophisticated analytical tools as well as live reports and email alerts. Plenari can provide reporting tools suitable for all levels of research expertise as well as for end clients, who may prefer easy to use online reports which can be accessed 24/7.

Plenari is constantly being updated to ensure it remains engaging, dynamic, and embraces the latest technology.

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